Wax Corrosion Inhibitors

Wax Corrosion Inhibitors and Protective Coatings Many manufactured metal parts may have bare metal surfaces which require protection until they are used. They may be...Read more

Repairing Galvanised Steel

Galvanized coatings are commonly used for fences, railings and lamp posts because they are weather resistant. However damage can occur due to  rough handling, installation...Read more

Anti Rust Range

A range of products designed to effectively deal with corrosion on iron and steel surfaces. RustGo is a safer, environmentally friendly, fast and effective way...Read more

What is Rust Converter?

As one of the household nuisances, rust can create problems for pieces of furniture, decorations and tools. Although there are many products on the market...Read more

Using Damp Proof Paints

Damp proof paints are formulated to protect against damp interior wall surfaces. This type of paint can also be used as a primer underneath other...Read more

Wheel Stripping with Biostrip

Biostrip Wheel Stripper is now one of the leading products for  water based wheel stripping. This unique formulation uses water as the main ingredient and...Read more

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