How to use MOGO

Mould is a common problem in homes throughout the UK. Caused by the damp British climate, not only does it look unsightly, it also poses a serious health risk if left untreated for too long. So, don’t delay, find out how to treat your mould problem today.

FUZE MoGo eliminates all mould and mould spore infestations in one simple application

Fuze MoGo is a highly effective product that contains a unique blend of biodegrable, non-hazardous materials. Fuze MoGo is completely bleach-free, making it safe to use on virtually any surface.

How To Use Mogo Mould Remover

  1. Spray Fuze MoGo directly onto the area you need to treat.
  2. You should aim to apply roughly 200mls per square metre.
  3. Using a stiff-bristled brush, scrub the treated area until clean.
    The powerful cleaning agents in Fuze MoGo will remove all traces of mould.



Once you’ve dealt with the mould infestation, you need to prevent it from returning.

One way to do this is to cut out the damp conditions mould and mould spores love so much:

  • Keep bathrooms, kitchens, and other humid spaces well ventilated and as dry as possible.
    If you don’t keep the moisture to a minimum mould can return.
  • Spread out shower curtains and towels to allow them to dry.
  • Tackle leaks as soon as they’re discovered to prevent moisture seeping into cavities and under floors


If you have a persistent mould problem, you should add Fuze Anti-Mould Paint Additive to paint and apply to the affected areas. Anti-mould paint additive is a broad spectrum fungicidal additive that inhibits mould growth wherever it is applied, preventing mould from gaining a foothold in your home

How to use MOGO

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