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Introducing a safer approach to concrete removal.

A safer solution to removing unwanted cement, concrete and mortar is unveiled as 'Fuze Products' announces the launch of their newest product 'Biostrip Concrete Remover'.

Designed with the DIY user as much as the professional in mind. This new concrete remover aims to simplify the task whilst also delivering a higher level of safety to the user and environment. A fully biodegradable product which is free from Hydrochloric and Phosphoric acid, yet still works at dissolving unwanted concrete and mortar.

Launching this October the latest addition to the Biostrip family aims to continue in the footsteps of it's highly regarded environmentally friendly yet powerful range of paint strippers.

A genuinely easy to use product it is simply applied as a thick liquid. It then quickly gets to work breaking down the bonds that hold the concrete together. Converting those hardened spills and stains into an easy to remove gel residue. Working effectively across many surfaces including brick, ceramic, granite and slate.

In addition to removing stains from surfaces the solution can also be used on tools and equipment to keep them in top condition.

Developed, manufactured and distributed exclusively by Fuze-Products 'Biostrip Concrete Remover' is now available direct from their online store www.fuze-products.co.uk as well as from Amazon.co.uk. It is available in 750ml. 2.5 Litres and 5 Litres sizes.

Our aim at FUZE is to develop genuinely effective and safe solutions to tackle even the toughest jobs. We believe this is is one of the safest concrete removers on the market and are proud to have it as part of our range of products..

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