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Paint Strippers

The Biostrip range of water based paint strippers are powerful yet more environmentally friendly and less hazardous than traditional methylene chloride containing products.

As the owners, developers and manufacturers of the full BIOSTRIP range, we know that our products are capable of performing in the toughest of applications and situations. The latest cutting edge formulations produce excellent results when stripping a wide range of paints from almost any type of surface, including wood, furniture, masonry, metals, plastics.

Ideal for use by do-it-yourself enthusiasts, as well as professional users.  Our water based paint strippers are safer for you, your family and the environment. In addition they are economical to use.

Artex Remover converts the artex to a soft, easily removable gel that minimises any health risks if the artex might contain asbestos. Whether it is a large contract job or a smaller job around the home, Biostrip Artex Remover is the safe, quick and easy way to remove unwanted artex.

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  1. Biostrip Wheel Stripper - 25 Litres

    Buy BIOSTRIP Wheel Stripper directly from the manufacturer in Staffordshire. Contact us for the BEST prices available

    • Water based alloy wheel paint stripper
    • Non Corrosive and Non Flammable
    • 2 to 4 hour strip time for most OEM primers - allows multiple batches per day
    • No regulations for transport
    • Long-lasting product; simple to replenish
    • Safer to use than DCM
    • Acid free, no risk of hydrogen embrittlement

    We are now able to supply a full package including strip tanks. Contact us for details


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  2. Biostrip 42 Paint Brush Restorer 500ml Pot

    • Direct from the manufacturer for the lowest prices
    • Proven technology
    • Safer than traditional technology
    • Water based
    • Fast and effective

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  3. Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper

    Buy Biostrip 20 direct from the manufacturer for the lowest prices

    • Biostrip 20 is proven to give fast effective removal of paint and varnish
    • Water based paint stripper, less volatile, no fumes.
    • Safer - non-toxic, non-irritant, non-flammable, non-caustic
    • Thickened solution - suitable for vertical surfaces
    • Easy to use 
    • Economical - 500ml will strip 2 to 3 metres squared of paint
    Price From: £8.95

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  4. Biostrip Basic Paint Stripper

    • Water based
    • Excellent value
    • Easy to apply and fast acting
    • Easily strips paints & varnish from most surfaces
    • FREE from  flammable and corrosive chemicals
    • Specially thickened solution clings to virtually every surface with almost no drips, runs or waste.
    Price From: £6.00

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  5. Wall Cleaner 5 Litres

    Industrial strength cleaner, suitable for a multitude of tasks including post stripping clean up


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  6. Durostrip Artex Remover

    • Professional strength, non toxic Artex remover
    • Safely converts Artex to a gel (can be used to remove artex that contains asbestos)
    • Low evaporation rate so does not "dry out" quickly
    • Thixotropic (thickened) solution clings to vertical surfaces - suitable for textured walls and ceilings
    • Non flammable, non corrosive and fully biodegradable
    Price From: £6.00

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  7. Biostrip Plus, Masonry Paint Stripper

    • Water based masonry paint stripper
    • Safe to use, non-toxic
    • Fast acting
    • Designed for use on masonry & brickwork
    • Removes emulsion, gloss, primer etc

    Price From: £9.95

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  8. Biostrip Plus Immersion Paint Stripper, Dip Stripper


    • Water based - low evaporation rates

    • Safer to use – For the end user and the environment.

    • Non corrosive - will not damage metals, will not stain wood, does not cause burns

    • Long bath life - does not react with stripped paint.

    • No costly additives

    • Odourless and free from hazardous and toxic fumes

    • Operates between 35 and 60C

    Please contact us for information on Wheel Stripping

    Price From: £125.00

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  9. Biostrip Liquid Wallpaper Stripper

    • Strips wallpaper quickly
    • Rapid absorption into wallpaper
    • Single application
    • Easy to apply via spray, brush, roller etc
    • Non-Toxic, safe to use formulation.
    • Removes paste residue from wall
    Price From: £4.95

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  10. Biostrip Plus Paint Stripper 2 x 500ml Offer - 10% off

    Buy 2 pots of Biostrip Plus at a discounted price*

    • Water based
    • Safe to use
    • Fast acting
    • Suitable for use on all masonry
    • Removes emulsion, gloss, primer etc

    * rrp for 2 x Biostrip Plus  = £19.90


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