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PolyCoat 22 Polymer Seal and Conversion Coat - 25 litres

PolyCoat 22 Polymer Seal and Conversion Coat - 25 litres

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Quick Overview

Expect the following benefits from Polycoat 22

  • Excellent salt spray performance - expect upwards of 750 hours

  • Can be used on mixed metals

  • Suitable for use on a simple 3 stage line

  • Operates at ambient temperature

  • Heavy metal free

  • Gives good adhesion under Anti Graffiti Paint



Polymer Pre-Treatment Technologies from Natech

Polycoat 22 is a water based, dry in place, acrylic polymer suitable for use on all metal types.

Coating thickness varies according to application technique, but is generally in the range of 100 to 200 angstroms. The resultant coating is a mixed oxide layer bound in an inert polymer film. This film prevents any coating defect from adversely affecting corrosion performance.


Polycoat 22 is an excellent choice for pre-treatment lines where a high level of salt spray resistance is required.

This technology typically runs at 0.5%  in water, at ambient temperature thus giving excellent economy. It can be used in the final rinse stage of spray or dip lines.

Benefits of Polycoat 22

Polycoat 22 extends the capability of a 3 stage line greatly in terms of salt spray and humidity performance.
Expect to see upwards of 750 hours for steel on B117 neutral salt spray, and over 1500 hours on aluminium.

Polycoat 22 contains no heavy metals and is completely biodegradable.

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