White Wood Primer : Biostrip

Biostrip White Wood Primer is a professional quality, quick drying, waterborne primer and undercoat in one. Formulated for a more durable longer lasting protection.

  • Minimal VOC  (iso 11890-2)
  • Waterborne, kinder to the environment and safer to use
  • Low odour, suitable for use in confined spaces
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use on all types of hard and soft wood
  • Easy to apply
  • Quick drying – touch dry in 1-2 hours
  • Exceptional stain barrier 
  • Superior adhesion – prevents flaking or pealing
  • Suitable for use as a primer or undercoat
  • High solids content for smooth finish
  • Excellent scratch resistance with minimum brush marks

Available direct from UK manufacturer Fuze products guarantee excellent value & exceptional performance.

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New from Biostrip comes WHITE WOOD PRIMER

Wood primer is the undercoat or preparatory coating applied to wood before you apply paint top coat to it. Using wood primer increases the durability of the paint ensuring better adhesion of the paint to the substrate.
Good quality wood primers have a high solids content which fill the grains in the wood making for a smooth finish.
All bare, untreated wood should be coated with a wood primer before painting

The primer seals the absorbent new wood preventing the paint  from sinking Into the grain and looking patchy.
Applying a primer can make the difference of applying just one coat of paint rather than needing two or three

Biostrip Wood Primer is a professional quality, quick drying, waterborne primer. It is suitable for use on all types of interior and exterior soft and hard woods. It offers excellent adhesion, durability and long term protection. It can be used as either a primer or undercoat.

This specially formulated primer is kinder to the environment than its solvent based equivalents, and contains minimal VOC (tested to iso 11890-2)


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