Remove weeds quickly and safely

There’s never a bad time to be free from weeds

Unfortunately, weeds are part of life as a homeowner. They can quickly take over your garden changing it from a beautiful landscape to an overgrown jungle. The unwanted weed will quickly overrun flower beds, lawns and paths.

Essentially any plant that’s growing where you don’t want it is a weed. Weeds that are left untreated will quickly thrive by taking nutrients meant for your plants.

Typically weed killers contain glyphosate, a nasty herbicide which already has impending bans and restrictions for use in a number of countries. 

We at Fuze don’t like the idea of using a product that scientists have deemed potentially harmful to humans. Because of this, we have created Sprayaway Path Clean.

We have specially formulated Sprayaway Path Clean for weed control. It is just as good at tackling weeds as traditional herbicides but does not use the harmful and toxic chemicals. It is eco-friendly, fully biodegradable and best of all is safe for use around animals.

Our Sprayaway path clean works by attacking the stem walls of the weeds, this causes the weeds to die of dehydration. It is easy to use. Simply spray thoroughly onto the dry weeds on a rain-free day and allow the product time to dry. Results will typically be seen within a couple of days.

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Remove weeds quickly and safely

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