Biostrip Wheel Stripper - 25 Litres

Buy BIOSTRIP Wheel Stripper directly from the manufacturer in Staffordshire. Contact us for the BEST prices available

  • Water-based alloy wheel paint stripper
  • 2 to 4 hour strip time for most OEM primers - allows multiple batches per day
  • No regulations for transport
  • Long-lasting product; simple to replenish
  • Safer to use than DCM
  • Acid free, no risk of hydrogen embrittlement
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Biostrip Wheel Stripper - Alloy Wheel Paint Remover

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More and more wheel stripping companies are turning to Biostrip, contact us today to find out why

Now available to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Our unique Wheel Stripping formulation is water based and safer to use than traditional cold strippers.

Ideal for stripping paint from all wheels including magnesium wheels.

Key Benefits of Biostrip Wheel Stripper Include:

  • Strips at temperatures from  70°c to 85°c
  • Outstanding, proven performance in bench tests against competitors products
  • Short strip time for many  OEM primers
  • Faster strip time for polyester hybrids and varnish on recoated wheels
  • Not ADR Regulated for transport
  • Safer to use than traditional cold acid wheel strippers
  • Acid-free, safe on magnesium wheels

Biostrip Wheel stripper is one of our most popular products available in a range of quantities from 25 Litre up to 1,000 Litre IBC.

OEM wheels, including such manufacturers as Porsche, Mercedes and VW, have been stripped at temperatures as low as 70°C with an increase to 80°C bringing strip times down to little more than 90 minutes.

NOTE: Some German wheels can take longer than 4 hours to strip

Stripping alloy wheels in mild steel tanks IS NOT ADVISED.  Tanks must be made of stainless steel or high-density polyethylene. Brass fittings are not recommended when stripping aluminium.

NOTE:  Our Wheel Strippers should NOT be blended with other products. Our formulations are unique to Natech Ltd and are not warranted as compatible with materials from other suppliers

We have an on site pilot scale strip tank if you wish to test the product before you commit. Contact us to arrange

  • Read more about Wheel Stripping  HERE
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