Bleeding alloy wheel cleaner 750ml

  • Reactive cleaner for fast iron removal
  • Turns deep red as the brake dust is dissolved
  • Easy rinsing, leaves a streak free finish
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Reactive iron fallout removers have become popular over the last few years within the valeting industry, playing a huge part in the decontamination stage during car cleaning. Iron fallout  is the term used to describe airbourne ferrous particles (mostly from vehicle brakes) and is something that is becoming a growing problem for car care enthusiasts, due to increased volume of traffic. These small iron particles embed themselves into surfaces and can actually begin to corrode contaminated areas if left untreated

FUZE Bleeding Alloy Wheel Cleaner is a powerful, reactive  "bleeding" cleaner that rapidly removes iron, traffic film, brake dust and other contaminants from your alloy wheels, leaving a clean bright finish. It is pre diluted to the correct strength for safe use. Dissolves brake dust and other iron rich contaminants upon contact producing a red solution that "bleeds" from your wheels.

Formulated to be used safely on lacquered alloy wheels

Quickly and easily removes brake dust, oil, tar and road grime from your alloy wheels.

Reacts with brake dust to "bleed" red as your wheel is cleaned

How To Use Bleeding Wheel Cleaner:

  • Pre wash your car in the normal way
  • Spray the product on to your alloy wheels and leave until product is activated (turns red)
  • Rub in with a good quality wheel brush
  • Rinse off with fresh clean water. Do NOT allow to completely dry out

 Note: Not to be used on damaged, un-lacquered, forged, anodised, polished, wire or any type of chrome wheels (including caps, wheel nuts or split rims).

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