Lazy Dog Car Shampoo

  • Highly foaming - suitable for use through "snow foam" lance
  • Fast acting.
  • Free rinsing - does not streak.
  • concentrated formulation - 40ml to a 10 litre bucket
  • Brightening agents leave alloy wheels gleaming
  • Neutral pH - does not strip wax.
  • Fully biodegradable, completely safe formulation.
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Lazy Dog Car Shampoo 

A quick, easy to use vehicle cleaning product that effortlessy removes grime and traffic film from your vehicle. Added brighteners ensure that alloy wheels are left gleaming. Rinses off readily to leave a streak free finish.

High foaming product produces fresh bubbles throughout your wash ensuring a quality clean. Leaves a thick foam blanket when used through a snow foam lance. This product is pH neutral so will not damage the paintwork or remove polishContains no perfumes, dyes or other known skin sensitizers

  • Lazy Dog Car Shampoo gives fast, effective vehicle cleaning.
  • Highly foaming product with easy rinsing to leave a streak free finish.
  • Can be applied by sponge and bucket or power washer with or without snow foam lance. Also suitable for automated truck washing and car washing equipment - contact us for bulk prices
Usage Instructions:

To use, simply dilute the product 250:1 with fresh warm water in a bucket, and apply to vehicle with a sponge or brush
When finished, rinse off with fresh water.
Can be applied by pressure washer

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