Ferprime C - Anti Corrosion SMART primer 500g

  • Revolutionary "intelligent" technology
  • Single stage pre-treat and coat
  • Solvent free - non carcinogenic, non toxic
  • Reacts when the coating is breached thus preventing corrosion
  • Can be applied to rusty surfaces
  • Economicai in use
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Natech Ferprime C

A revolutionary new way to protect metals from corrosion. Does not require surface preparation or pre-treatment.

FERPRIME C is a brand new "intelligent" technology. It pre-treats and paints in a single coat.

"Intelligent" because it detects when it has been breached and releases actives that PREVENT corrosion.

Unlike other primers it does not contain hazardous solvents. It is not flammable, toxic or carcinogenic. It is also free of zinc phosphate which is a known marine pollutant.

Ferprime C is a thickened product, suitable for application by paint brush. The non drip formulation means it can be used on vertical surfaces. A single coat of Ferprime C will give around 20 microns of cured film. Coatings are touch dry in around 30 minutes and can be overcoated (If required) after 2 hours. Full cure is achieved after 24 hours.

Benefits of Ferprime C include:

  • Water based, non hazardous formulation
  • Single pack SMART primer/ topcoat
  • Excellent adhesion to all metal substrates
  • Non flammable
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Solvent free - safe to use in confined spaces
  • Easy application by spray, brush or roller
  • Environmentally friendly

Typical uses for this technology include marine coatings, skip/ container repair, street furniture, modular buildings, flood coatings, agricultural equipment etc

How to use Ferprime C

  • Ensure metal surface is clean
  • Apply evenly with a paint brush or roller
  • Allow to dry before overcoating (circa 2 hours)
  • Full cure takes 24 hours
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