IceGo Salt Free Liquid De-icer - for safer de-icing

  • Fast acting, ready to use salt free liquid de-icer
  • Easy to apply
  • Effective at temperatures as low as -21C
  • 100% salt free
  • Pet safe
  • Does not cause staining
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IceGo Salt Free Liquid De-Icer is a 50% aqueous solution of Potassium Acetate that quickly melts ice and snow, as well as performing an "anti ice" function. IceGo Liquid De-Icer is effective down to -21C.

Completely chloride (salt) free it is safe to use on all substrates for snow and ice removal.

IceGo Liquid is non corrosive and safe for use around pets.

IceGo is a professional deicing product designed for use where salt free, non corrosive deicing is necessary. It is widely used in the transportation industry, such as airports, roads and car parks.Unlike salt based deicers, IceGo will not corrode or rot items such as aluminium sliding doors, door hinges, carpets, stone and concrete.

IceGo acts as an ice preventer if sprayed onto surfaces before ice or snow is expected. It stops ice and snow adhering to the surface, making its removal easier.

Coverage Guide

Thin Ice (<2mm) -      40 litres per 1000 square metres depending upon application method and conditions

Thicker Ice (>2mm) - 80 litres per 1000 square metres depending upon application method and conditions

Directions for use:

When Ice or Snow is expected:

1. Spray or pour Ice Go Liquid evenly onto the dry surface before any rain or snow begins to fall.

When there is already a covering of ice or snow

1.  Clear and loose snow as this dilutes the IceGo making it less effective

2.  Spray or Pour IceGo evenly over the  snow and ice.

3.  IceGo will begin melting the snow and ice upon contact and continues to work for several hours

Apply IceGo directly from the container, or for best coverage,  through  a watering can or garden sprayer.

  • Read more about de-icing here
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