Biostrip Plus Immersion Stripper - 25 litres

  • Suitable for many applications - including restoration and remanufacture
  • Water based - low evaporation rates
  • Safer to use – For the end user and the environment.
  • Non corrosive - will not damage metals, will not stain wood, does not cause burns
  • Long bath life - does not react with stripped paint.
  • No costly additives
  • Operates between 35 and 60C (depending upon paint type etc)

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BIOSTRIP PLUS IMMERSION STRIPPER - A safer alternative to traditional methylene chloride or hot caustic paint stripping systems.

An immersion stripper designed for industrial scale paint removal.

Suitable for removing industrial coatings such as powder coat, wet paints, electrophoretic paint, epoxy etc

Economical and long lasting product.

Does not corrode or damage the underlying surface, so ideal for restoration and remanufacture projects such telephone boxes, engines, marine, automotive and mining industries

Immersion Tanks  should be made of stainless steel or High Density Polyethylene.

Biostrip PLUS Immersion is recommended to be heated to a temperature of between 35 and 60 degrees centigrade. 

Contact us for further information. We have an on-site pilot scale strip tank if you wish to test before you commit.

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