Lichen remover - 5 Litres

Remove Lichen Quickly and Easily

  • A highly effective, cutting edge cleaner for tackling lichen
  • A specially formulated Professional 7:1 concentrate.
  • Simple to use fast-acting formula - spray the product on and leave.
  • Bleach free, non toxic, non-flammable
  • Biodegradable - no need to rinse, scrub or power wash. Product will naturally degrade.

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Formulated for the removal and control of Lichen

A  concentrated product designed  for both home and professional use

Lichen Remover  is designed to provide users with a  high quality product for lichen removal. Our unique cost effective formulation provides excellent  results.

Supplied as a concentrate, Lichen Remover requires no specialist equipment. It can be applied via watering can or knapsack sprayer. A 5 litre container should provide you with enough solution to treat over 150 square metres at our recommended coverage of 200mls per square metre.

Due to its high concentration users must comply with PPE expectations and usage guidelines.

Lichen Remover  is a highly effective, cutting edge chemical product based upon a blend of unique and effective materials that are toxic to Lichen  thus quickly eliminating the problem. Safe and effective on most surfaces including:

  • roofs including concrete tiles, slates, PVC tiles
  • driveways
  • patios
  • masonry including brick, stone and concrete
  • tarmac
  • render
  • wood inclusing fencing and decking
  • sensitive stone including gravestones, marble, sandstone

The natural, plant derived surfactants in Lichen remover ensure that the substrate is fully wetted, making the product particularly suitable for use on porous surfaces such as roof tiles. These natural surfactants ensure excellent cleaning of all surfaces including driveways, patios, masonry, stonework, roofs.

How To remove Lichen

  • dilute 1 part product to 7 parts water.
  • Pour into a watering can or knapsack sprayer and apply at the rate of 200mls per square metre.
  • 1 litre of diluted product  will treat approximately 5 sq metres.
  • For optimum results apply on a dry day so that the solution can soak into the affected area fully.
  • No need to rinse
  • Results usually noticeable within 24 hours although may take longer in colder weather
  • Decomposing material can either be cleaned off, or left for the British weather to gradually wash away without scouring the treated surface.

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