Mogo Damp Seal - Paint On Damp Seal

  • Non flammable and  low odour
  • Low Hazard material, making for much safer use in enclosed or confined spaces
  • One coat application
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MoGo Damp Seal

MoGo Damp Seal is a one coat polymer based preventative treatment which stops the occurrence of mould and mildew on damp surfaces yet also allows those surfaces to dry out beneath the Damp Seal coating.

Mogo Damp Seal is suitable for use on a range of surfaces including wallpaper, cement, plaster, paint and stone.

Easy to use, this hazard free Damp Seal can be used around the home before decorating to create a protective barrier against mould.

1 Litre of Mogo Damp Seal will cover approximately 15 square metres, athough coverage will vary depending upon the porosity of the surface being coated.

How to Use Mogo Damp Seal

  •  Apply evenly across the surface with a paint brush.
  • Allow the product to dry completely then apply paint or wallpaper over the top, if required

Damp Seal will help prevent the development and regrowth of  mould and mildew. However it will not correct the cause. For best results ensure that the cause of the damp has been addressed where possible. For the best results use an anti mould cleaner before application.

NOTE: MoGo Damp Seal dries to a pale yellow colour

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