Rust Go, Paint On Rust Remover Gel

  • Simple brush on application
  • Fast acting rust removal gel
  • Removes rust and corrosion from Iron, Steel, Chrome etc
  • Water based - does not contain strong acids such as phosphoric acid
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Fast, Easy Rust Removal Gel from FUZE Products - Rust Go Gel

Safe to use on any rusty or corroded metal surface.

FUZE Products RustGo Gel is non corrosive and will not attack the underlying surface.

Powerful rust removal gel that leaves behind no residue or damage.

A gel based product suitable for brush application. Gives good results fast.

Does not contain strong inorganic acids thus reduces the risk of secondary rust, a major problem with many traditional rust removers.

How to use Rust Go Gel

Step 1 : Preparation -  Remove all loose debris with a good quality wire brush. Take care not to damage the underlying surface.

Step 2 : Treatment - Brush Rust Go Gel  on with a good quality paint brush.

Top Tips: For best results,  warm Rust Go Gel up to 30C by  placing the container in a pan of hot water. This will deliver quicker results than can be achieved at ambient or room temperature

Step 3 : Clean - Once all of the rust has dissolved, wash the surface with clean soapy water  to remove any residue.

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