Rust Go - Rust Remover Liquid

  • Simple dip application rust remover
  • Fast acting
  • Removes rust and corrosion from Iron, Steel, Chrome etc
  • Water based - safe to use
  • Also available as a gel
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Rust Go Rust Remover from FUZE Products

A Safe to use Rust Remover for any metal surface

Rust Go is water based and fully biodegradable, it is pH neutral,non corrosive and will not attack the underlying metal surface.

A powerful rust remover, leaving behind no residue or damage to the surface.

A unique formulation, delivering proven results. Rust Go uses cutting edge chemical technology to create a safer alternative to harmful and corrosive acid based products.

Rust Go  gives incredible results without causing any damage

Acid Free technology reduces the risk of secondary rust, a major problem with most traditional rust removers.

How to use Rust Go Rust Remover

Step 1 : Preparation - Ensure that the surfaces you are treating are as clean as possible -  remove any debris with a  wire brush. Take care not to damage the surface.

Step 2 : Treatment - Pour the product into a suitable sized container and  place the object carefully into the liquid.

Top Tips: For best results,  warm Rust Go  up to 30C by  placing the container in a pan of hot water. This will deliver quicker results than can be achieved at ambient or room temperature

Step 3 : Clean - Once all the rust has dissolved, remove the part from the Rust Go solution and wash the surface with clean water.

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