Rustbar - temporary anti corrosion coating 500g

  • Protect parts during assembly or storage
  • Scratch resistant
  • Fluid resistant
  • pH neutral
  • Easy to apply
  • keeps metal parts rust free for up to a year
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A formulated temporary anti corrosion coating that can be used on all surfaces to prevent corrosion. Rustbar forms an almost transparent waxy film that is impervious to moisture. It is “self healing”, thus preventing corrosion of the underlying surface. Rustbar can be applied by brush or spray. It offers around 12 months protection from corrosion.

Temporary corrosion protection additives protect sheet metal and metal components that are to be stored or shipped. The waxy coating prevents the metal substrate from corroding

Rustbar can easily be removed with Natech WPR, followed by a water rinse.

Benefits of Rustbar include:

  • solvent free
  • 100% biodegradable
  • non toxic to marine life
  • no hazardous to users
  • easy to apply
  • effective on metal, plastic and painted surfaces

Rustbar can be applied by paintbrush or roller. Always ensure that surfaces are clean and dry before application

If a permanent wax coating is required then Ferprime Wax should be considered

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