Lazy Dog Waterless Car Wash

  • Waterless Car Wash leaves a brilliant shine that beads when wet
  • Powerful blend of detergents lifts dirt from the vehicle and replaces with protective polymer finish.
  • Suitable for paintwork, glass, metals, plastic trim & tyres.
  • Neutral pH - does not strip wax, gentle on hands
  • Hazard free
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Excellent on Windows

Lazy Dog Waterless Car Wash is the perfect product for quick easy car cleaning. Great when facilities are limited, if for example you live in a flat or have no outdoor water supply. Spray on and wipe off for a showroom shine.

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Lazy Dog Waterless Vehicle Wash

Waterless cleaners are the easiest and most efficient way to clean your cars bodywork.
Simply  spray on, lift off the grime with a microfibre cloth, then buff to a shine with a fresh cloth
Leaves a water-repellent finish to slow the grime build-up and prolong that glossy look.

Product comes with a FREE microfibre cloth

Ideal if you live in a high rise flat or there is a limited source of water, or simply for that showroom shine

Product Benefits:

  • Leaves the vehicle with a showroom shine
  • Fast, effective cleaning
  • an also be used on dashboard, plastic bumpers etc
  • Safe to use

How to use Lazy Dog Waterless Car Wash:

  • Apply product to the microfibre cloth provided and wipe over the vehicle.
  • Buff to shine.

Note: Do not use a circular motion as this may cause scratching

Waterless Vehicle Cleaners are best when used on a regular basis, they should not be used on highly soiled vehicles

This product can also be used to clean car windows

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