Natech WPR - Wet Paint and Ink Cleaner

  • Water based and safe to use
  • No VOC's
  • Highly effective wet paint and ink cleaner
  • Can be used to clean machinery down
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Natech WPR is an extremely versatile product that can be used for cleaning off wet paint, from for example, paint brushes, splashes and splills. It can be used safely on all surfaces including fabrics and carpet.

It is also used in the printing industry for washing equipment and floors.

WPR has also been designed to remove transit and protective waxes such as Rustbar, from metal components.

Natech WPR is water based and extremely safe to use.

How to use Natech Wet paint Remover (WPR)

  • Brush or spray WPR on to the surface being cleaned
  • Allow to penetrate for several minutes
  • Wipe off with cloth or brush
  • Rinse and dry area

Always check a small area first to ensure colour fastness, particularly on fabrics

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