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Sprayaway Rapid Moss Remover 2.5 Litres

Sprayaway Rapid Moss Remover 2.5 Litres

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Due to changes in legislation this product supercedes  the original SPRAYAWAY




  • Simple to use - spray on and leave.

  • Removes green, red and black discolouration and biogrowth from outdoor surfaces

  • Powerful, fast-acting formula.

  • Fully biodegradable and safe for pets

  • Bleach free, non corrosive, non flammable, neutral pH

  • Biodegradable - no need to rinse, scrub or power wash. Product will naturally degrade

  • Suitable for use on any surface - driveways, patio's, roofs, timber, stone etc









Sprayaway Rapid

Sprayaway Rapid Biogrowth and Algae remover quickly eliminates  biogrowth from any surface.  Results usually visible within a few hours.

 The combination of fatty acids and plant based detergents ensures a fast acting product which fully penetrates the underlying substrate.

Once applied, Sprayaway Rapid will continue to react with all biogrowth, naturally cleaning the surface through time.

The fast acting nature of Sprayaway Rapid means it can be used during inclement weather o when rain is forecast

 For use on all hard surfaces, including walls, fences, decking, block paving, patios, drives and roofs.

Can also be used on terracotta (pots or statues), greenhouse and conservatory glass.

Results can usually  be seen within 3 hours.

The foaming nature of this product makes it easy to see the areas treated

After use this product may leave a white residue which will wash off either with a hose pipe or with natural rainfall.

NOTE - This product does not contain DDAC which  is no longer permitted for the use as, or in preparations for the treatment of moss.  Moss has now been reclassified as a plant and comes under the plant protection legislation



  Sprayaway Rapid is highly effective and fast acting - grass or plant life should be covered to avoid accidental contact. 

  Always read the label before use. 

  Use only in well ventilated areas.


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