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Biostrip Liquid Wallpaper Stripper

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Biostrip Liquid Wallpaper Stripper

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Price From: £4.95

Quick Overview

  • Strips wallpaper quickly

  • Rapid absorption into wallpaper

  • Single application

  • Easy to apply via spray, brush, roller etc

  • Non-Toxic, safe to use formulation.

  • Removes paste residue from wall



Wallpaper Remover

Biostrip Liquid Wallpaper Stripper is a powerful and fast acting solution that easily removes all types of wallpaper without the use of steamers

A fully wetting solution that quickly soaks into the wallpaper,  effectively loosening the bonds between the paper and the wall. Giving you the ability to rapidly strip any wallpaper from any surface.

Biostrip Liquid Wallpaper Stripper can be used to remove all wallpaper including, plain, coated, vinyl, painted, sealed and fabric. It is also effective at removing multiple layers of wallpaper

How to remove wallpaper

The most common wallpaper is uncoated and porous which allows rapid absorption of the wallpaper stripper. No initial preparation is required. Simply spray a good coating across your paper and then leave for up to 10 minutes before removing with a traditional scraper.

How to remove painted/coated wallpaper

Coated wallpaper is generally found in bathrooms and kitchens and usually has a waterproof coating. Score the surface of he paper gently prior to application of the liquid stripper.

How to remove vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper usually has an easy to peel top layer. Once the vinyl layer has been manually removed,  the backing paper can be treated in the same way as traditional wallpaper. If the vinyl layer does not peel away easily try scoring the surface and treat as per coated wallpapers.

Product Review

Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

2 Item(s)

Worked really well
Used this behind the radiators where the steamer wouldn't fit. Sprayed it on, went for coffee and when I returned the paper just pulled off easily.
Would use again or recommend to a friend Review by Keith / (Posted on 23/01/2017)
Great on its on and with a steamer
I just used this in combination with a steamer and it made the job a lot easier. I had a difficult space to strip wallpaper from. This stuff was great I just sprayed it on left it a couple of minutes and the paper scraped straight off nice and clean. Made the job a lot easier. Review by Timmles / (Posted on 26/01/2016)

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