Anti Rust Range

A range of products designed to effectively deal with corrosion on iron and steel surfaces.

RustGo is a safer, environmentally friendly, fast and effective way of removing rust from all types of iron and steel surfaces. This technology is pH neutral thus doesn’t contaminate the surface with acids which:

  • are difficult to remove

  • make application of subsequent coatings more difficult and less certain

  • promote further rusting of the metal surface unless additional steps are taken to neutralise the acid.

 FerPrime Black is a corrosion inhibiting primer for all steel and iron surfaces, it is black in colour and can be recoated by painting or powder coating etc. It contains its own leading-edge pre-treatment technology to prevent further corrosion creep and to improve overall coating performance.

FerPrime Rust Converter is a rust converter and iron and steel primer. It can be applied directly to the rust which is then converted to a black, resinous layer that resists further corrosion, protecting the underlying surfaces. It can also be applied directly to a non rusted iron surface, to produce a black adherent resin film which resists corrosion. It can then be overcoated with a wide range of paint types.

What is a coating and what does it need to do?

A Coating is a barrier used to separate two highly reactive materials such as iron and the oxygen in the air. This coating must be impermeable and continuous for it to be effective. The coating should also be capable of preventing undercoating corrosion creep, which will rapidly lead to coating failure. If the coating is not capable of this, then the underlying surface must be chemically pre-treated prior to coating.

FerPrime Grey and Black both contain advanced technology to prevent undercoating corrosion and creep. This is coupled with a coating that is

  • extremely adherent

  • UV resistant

  • scratch and impact resistant

Giving these products unprecedented performance characteristics.

Which Coating is the right one?

 Steel remains the principal construction material for cars, appliances, and industrial machinery. Because of steel’s vulnerability to attack by atmospheric oxidation, some coating is necessary to provide various degrees of protection.

Typical coatings range from hot-dipped and electroplated coatings such as zinc and aluminium to tough polymers and flame sprayed ceramics. In almost every case to get optimum coating performance the metal has to be pre-treated prior to coating to prevent undercoating corrosion creep. This occurs primarily when the coating integrity is breached eg through scratches, abrasions, impact damage, weathering of the coating leading to increased coating permeability to oxygen and water. 

These products have their own undercoating corrosion creep prevention system built in, and so the surface does not require any pre-treatment. These products also convert any existing surface corrosion ie rust, to a chemically inert and corrosion-resistant film, which combines with the product coating itself to form a thick, impenetrable barrier to further corrosion. 

This new range of products provides the perfect replacement for the old zinc-rich, environmentally unsound corrosion control products. 

Environmental and Safety Benefits

These Products are:

  • environmentally friendly and use sustainable, natural materials where possible.

  • UV Resistant, chip-resistant, scratch-resistant & chemical resistant.

  • Lead, aluminium, zinc, and chrome-free and are free of any other heavy metals

  • A one-step, multiple coat process.

  • Water-based, safer, environmentally friendly and use sustainable technology. They do not contain solvents so are much safer to use indoors and in confined spaces.

  • Free from oxy isocyanates, toxic or aromatic solvents or any other toxic or harmful materials. 

  • No artificial heat source nor additional activator or component are required for curing.

Performance Profile

  • These coatings offer outstanding elastomeric and abrasion resistance performance. They withstand scratching and UV light, are highly moisture resistant offering excellent adhesion to steel and other surfaces. Crucially they contain advanced technology to prevent undercoating corrosion creep if the coating is breached in any way. This makes coating damage simple and cheap to repair.

  • UV resistant

  • scratch and impact resistant

All of these products are manufactured in the United Kingdom with the highest quality raw materials available today maintaining strict quality control standards. Environmental Awareness is a key issue in our manufacturing process, and as such, our products contain no lead, no zinc, no chromates, no heavy metals, no VOC’s, are biodegradable and made from naturally derived, sustainable material sources.

Our rust control products are designed to tackle a genuinely wide range of situations.  If you want to learn more click to to visit our product pages.


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