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Sprayaway Rapid - Moss Control

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Fuze Launches New Product - Biostrip Plus

Leader of water based cleaning products -  Fuze has announced they are launching a brand new product to their catalogue. Biostrip Plus is the latest in an impressive collection of environmentally friendly releases which makes every day  jobs easy.

Developed on from the previous  Biostrip 20 paint stripping formula,  this new and updated product promises to work better than before at completing tough paint removal jobs. Whether it is a task indoors or out, the formulation efficiently removes the toughest layers of paint on any surface.

Launching soon.......

Biostrip Plus will currently be available exclusively at fuze-products.co.uk.

Updated 28 July 2015

Sprayaway Gets An Update

Popular Fuze moss removal product Sprayaway has been updated to make it more effective than before. Excelling in providing products which are effective AND safer to use,  Fuze have given Sprayaway an upgrade.

Changes made to the product involve the addition of a hazard free iron complex to increase its effectiveness, particularly on lichen.

Sprayaway is still fully biodegradable and non toxic to humans. fast acting and long lasting.

June 2015

Fuze Products get ready for winter with their Liquid De Icer

With Sub Zero temperatures forecast, take a look at Ice Go - an acetate based deicer that is now available from our Web Shop.

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