Cleaning Artificial Grass

How to Care for your Artificial GRASS / Astro Turf Lawn

Any home owner with artificial grass knows that it lasts for many years. It can easily tolerate foot traffic from pets and children. Routine maintenance should be carried out during the warm months to keep it looking nice whilst remaining safe and bacteria free.

An artificial lawn should remain green all year round, however dirt, grime, and pet faeces can dull the colour and degrade that appearance. Soils such as leaves and sticks can be removed easily as can animal mess.

So, how should you clean your artificial lawn from Dog and cat urine, dog hair, wood chips, leaves, litter, dirt and  stains

Can I use brushes and brooms?

The simple answer is yes, but take care – rakes with metal prongs can rip your fine artificial grass. You can use a rake or broom with a plastic tip but not metal prongs.

Your plastic tipped brush or broom should be sufficient for removing dirt. If your turf covers a large area, a leaf blower is effective for dispersing  loose debris. After using a blower, you may still may need to rake over the lawn for any materials trapped in the grass.

Can I power wash artificial grass?

Power washing the turf will clean the artificial grass quickly. Take care not to power wash solids. Pick up any solids including pet faeces before power washing.  Watch out for seeds on the turf, these can sprout and grow into weeds.

Keep the power washer nozzle  at least a foot  away from the artificial turf to avoid damage. Try and angle the nozzle as you spray the turf as this has the effect of fluffing the green blades upright.

If you want, every 2 or 3 months, you can use chemicals such as Artificial Grass Cleaner from FUZE Products in your pressure washer which clean  the artificial grass. Never use products that contain acid or bleach. Some chemical products can permanently ruin the green look. For example, undiluted bleach will discolour your artificial grass.

For small stains or oil patches try Artificial Grass Spot Cleaner 

Cleaning Artificial Grass

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