Alloy Wheel Paint Stripper

Fuze Products have long been established as a leading supplier of Alloy Wheel Paint Remover. We now offer a choice of products to best meet the demands of our customers.

Both our Alloy Wheel Strippers contain a unique formulation. The products are free form hazardous chemicals such as methylene chloride and hydrofluoric acid commonly found in traditional style 'cold' wheel stripping products. 

Biostrip WS2 Alloy Wheel Stripper

Ideal for stripping paint from all wheels including magnesium wheels.

Key Benefits Of Biostrip Wheel Stripper (WS2) Include:

  • Strips at temperatures from 80°c to 85°c
  • Outstanding, proven performance in bench tests against competitors’ products
  • Safer to use than traditional cold acid wheel strippers
  • Easy to use, low maintenance
  • No booster required
  • Acid-free, safe on magnesium wheels

Is WS2 right for me ?

If you want a robust product that is easy to run, extremely safe in use and capable of stripping both aluminium and magnesium wheels then WS2 is the product for you.

Natech WS CX Fast Acting Alloy Wheel Stripper

Offer same-day alloy refurbishments with CX.

Following on from the success of WS2, CX has been developed. A next-generation, non-flammable wheel stripping product capable of stripping many OEM brands consistently in as little as 45 minutes.

Key Benefits Of Natech Wheel Stripper (WS CX) Include:

  • Strip times as low as 45 minutes on OEM primers
  • Consistent sub 2 hour strip times allows businesses the ability to offer a same day 
  • Removes paint in easy to manage strips
  • Safer to use than traditional cold acid wheel strippers
  • Outstanding, proven performance in bench tests against competitor’s products
  • Strips paint from alloy wheels at temperatures from  65°c to 85°c
  • Maintain with product and booster additions
  • No chemical booster required
WS CX is a new and improved paint stripper designed for stripping alloy wheels. The product removes the paint in sheets helping to extend the longevity of the tank by preventing a build up of fine paint particles.
Is WS CX right for me ?
CX is a specialist product designed for companies who want an easy way to remove stripped paint. The product is great for the rapid stripping of paint from alloy wheels, stripping parts (including primer) in as little as 45 minutes. No booster is required to maintain performance, the tank should be maintained with neat product. Water should not be added.
Not suitable for magnesium wheels.
Contact us directly for further information, prices and for details of our recommended equipment manufacturers alternatively.
NOTE:  Our Industrial Paint Strippers should NOT be blended with other products. Our formulations are unique to Natech Ltd and are not warranted as compatible with materials from other suppliers

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