How to paint rusty metal

Painting Rusty Metal Surfaces

Painting rusty metal can be important not only to improve the appearance but also to stop further rust from causing damage to the structure. Understanding the process and choosing the correct products means the job will be relatively straight forward and the end result will not just look good but stay rust-free.

Why paint metal?

For as long as we have used metal we have been in combat against rust. It’s only natural. Where a ferrous metal is exposed to air it will slowly but surely make its way towards rust. Exposure to water will only help speed up this process. The only real way of stopping nature from taking its course is the blocking of air and water from ever coming into contact with the metal in the first place. A well-applied coat of suitable paint will protect the metal from exposure to air and water stopping rust and corrosion in its tracks.

What if the metal I want to paint is already rusty?

But what if it’s too late? What if the metal has been left naked and exposed? What if the rusting process has already begun?

Well, all is not lost and it’s not too late to take action. Painting rusty metal surfaces isn’t just an out of sight, out of mind approach. It is the nipping it in the bud approach, that will stop cosmetic damage from turning into real structural damage.

Fuze Products offer Ferprimer Rust Converter which will actively convert rust into an inert form, stopping rusting in its tracks. 

Fuze Products also offer a range of Direct-to-Metal Coatings. These paints offer an all in one solution to painting rusty metal. They contain our tried and tested rust converter technology to make the rust on the surface inert. In addition, these products act as a high-performance primer and can also be used as matte finish topcoat. 

Available in a range of colours, Ferprimer All in One primer  will turn any previously rusty substrate into a surface protected by a smooth aesthetically-pleasing paint.  

How to paint rusty metal with Ferprime all in one primer

A guide to achieving the best results from Fuze Product’s Direct-to-Metal Coatings is below.

Choose a warm day.

Like many products from Fuze, our Direct-to-Metal Coatings are water-based and work best when used in warm and dry conditions. The coatings can be expected to be touch-dry in around 1 hour at room temperate. Opting to carry out the task on a warm day will reduce the drying times.

Apply paint to a clean surface.

Ensure that all surfaces to be coated are thoroughly cleaned from any mineral and grease deposits using a suitable cleaner. If there is any old paint on the surface make sure this is removed.

If there is copious rust present, on an iron surface for example.

Attempt to remove as much rust as possible from the surface using a wire brush and sanding, ensuring all loose material is cleared and the majority of tight material is removed.

If looking to paint onto a corroded steel surface.

For optimum results ensure cleaning is done thoroughly returning the metal to a “near white” finish. Returning the surface to the industry standard of SA 2.5 where possible is recommended.

Achieving maximum physical performance.

A period of two weeks is required for the coatings to fully cure and ensure maximum performance physically in terms of adhesion and hardness. The anti-corrosion technology however is active from the moment of application.

Category: AutomotiveTime Required: 1-2 hoursProducts Required: Fuze anti-rust metal paint & primerEquipment Needed: Wire brush, Paint brush

Direct to Rust Metal Paint & Primers

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