Brush Restorer & Cleaner- Biostrip 1 Litre

Water-based brush Restorer designed to be a quick, simple and effective way to bring old brushes back to life. Developed to work on a wide range of paints.

  • Easy to use revolutionary paintbrush cleaning system
  • Water-based
  • Safer for the user and environment
  • White spirit free
  • Low Odour
  • Removes a wide range of paint types
  • Non-Flammable


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Biostrip Brush Restorer is a quick, simple and effective way to bring old brushes back to life.

Biostrip Brush Restorer is a revolutionary paintbrush cleaning system that is safer both for the user and the environment. It will restore the hardest of brushes without the hazards of conventional products. This product does not contain methylene chloride thus is safer for the user and the environment

Ideal for DIY projects, simply immerse a brush in the low odour cleaner & restorer solution and leave to soak. The water-based Brush Cleaner and Restorer will remove dried on paints including water-based, solvent-based and varnishes without the use of white spirits. By making old brushes reusable again, Brush Cleaner and Restorer can reduce the need to buy new brushes. 


  1. Place used brushes into a clean, empty container.
  2. Pour in brush restorer.
  3. Ensure all target areas are fully submerged and leave to soak.
  4. The product should be agitated periodically to loosen paint residue.
  5. Once the product has lifted all the paint the brushes can be rinsed using freshwater.

Note: The product may cause any dye on the paintbrush bristles to lift. Not suitable for natural hair paintbrushes. 

To put Biostrip Brush Restorer to the test we ran some testing in our lab. Each brush was coated in paint and allowed to dry, the bristles stiffened completely. In this state, the brushes were not fit for purpose.

After soaking in Biostrip Brush Cleaner & Restorer, all dried on paint was removed and the bristles are no longer stiff. The brushes have been restored to a usable state.


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