Durostrip Artex Remover

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Professional strength, non toxic artex remover. Safe to use for DIY and trade.

Converts the artex to a soft, removable gel that minimises any health risks should the  artex  contain asbestos. Whether it is a large contract job or a smaller job around the home, Biostrip Artex Remover is the safe way to remove unwanted artex.

  • Safely converts Artex to a gel (can be used to remove artex that contains asbestos)
  • Low evaporation rate so does not “dry out” quickly
  • Thixotropic (thickened) solution clings to vertical surfaces – suitable for textured walls and ceilings
  • Non flammable, non corrosive and fully biodegradable
  • Will not “wet” the underlying surface minimising risk of accidental damage to plaster
  • 500ml will cover up to 2-3 m2

Buy now direct from the UK manufacture for excellent service and value.

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Professional Quality Artex Remover

An Artex Removal Product that converts artex to a removable gel. Traps any asbestos that might be in the artex and stops it getting into the environment. Durostrip Artex Remover will not “wet” the underlying plaster, which minimises the risk of damaging the plaster when removing the softened artex.

  • Safely converts Artex into a gel that can be scraped off (can be used on artex that contains asbestos)
  • Low evaporation rate so does not “dry out” quickly
  • Thixotropic (thickened) solution clings to vertical surfaces – suitable for walls and ceilings
  • Non toxic, non flammable, non corrosive
  • Biodegradable

Instructions for Removing Artex

Apply generously over the Artexed areas with a brush.
Leave until Artex has completely softened (This can take several hours depending upon ambient temperature and thickness of Artex)
Remove softened Artex with a scraper. 
Repeat process as necessary. 

NOTE: If the Artex is heavily painted, it is advisable to remove the paint first with Biostrip PLUS prior to using Artex Remover.

Allow to dry thoroughly before refinishing.

500ml will cover up to 2-3 sq metres.

Durostrip Artex Remover is suitable for use on walls and ceilings

TIP: Let Durostrip do the work, cover the treated surfaces with cheap polythene dust sheets, to prevent drying out, and leave over night. 

NOTE: Although this product is effective at softening artex, by its very nature artex removal is a fairly physical job. This should be taken into consideration before starting any project of this type.


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1 review for Durostrip Artex Remover

  1. louiseehughes (verified owner)

    After visiting the usual DIY stores for artex remover & nothing at all suitable for our heavy icing effect ceilings I came across this product through the internet. I can honestly say it does the job, easy to apply & effortless to remove.

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