Stripping paint using Biostrip Plus Immersion Stripper

Biostrip Plus Immersion Stripper has been developed with restoration and remanufacturing projects in mind

This unique formulation uses water as the main ingredient and is free form methylene chloride and hydrofluoric acid commonly found in traditional style “cold strippers”. As a result, Biostrip Plus Immersion Stripper is safe to use,  it won’t cause damage to the part being stripped.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Water-based
  • Fast strip times
  • Strips at temperatures from  30°c to 60°c
  • Not ADR Regulated for transport
  • Safer to use than traditional cold acid strippers
  • Non-corrosive – will not damage metals, will not stain wood and does not cause burns
  • Simple to replenish
  • Free monthly analysis service
  • Suitable for many applications
  • Long bath life – does not react with stripped paint.
  • No costly additives

Before using this type of product,  consideration should be given to the application itself.

304 Stainless steel should be used for stripping tanks. Polypropylene or high-density polyethylene can be used. However, these materials will restrict the maximum temperature at which the stripper can be run. The tank must be lidded to prevent evaporation, lagged to prevent heat loss and equipped with some means of thermostatically controlled heating. Agitation will not be required on a properly designed tank. 

Stripping time depends on temperature. Biostrip Plus Immersion Stripper has been designed to run between 30°c to 60°c. The hotter the tank the faster it strips. We do not recommend exceeding 85°c.

Expect a typical metal component with a medium coating of paint to take approximately 1-2 hours to strip. Parts with primers/top-coats and a heavier coating of paint may take slightly longer. Strip times are heavily dependant on tank temperature and thickness of paint.

Biostrip Plus Immersion Stripper does not attack the component and therefore parts can be left in for extended periods if necessary.  Eg: for economy run at lower temperatures and strip overnight.

Once the part has been stripped and removed from the tank, it must be washed thoroughly to remove residual paint stripper. If paint stripper is left on it will have an adverse effect on the repainting process. Biostrip Plus Immersion Stripper gives excellent performance on most substrates. However, If a variety of different metals require stripping they should be done so separately. ie. strip all steel parts together and then remove completely before stripping aluminium parts. This is to prevent an electrochemical attack



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