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How to safely remove ash & soot

You’ve finished cleaning your fireplace from top to bottom and it  looks as good as new. So the time arrives to clear up the mess...Read more

Power Wash Perfection

What is the best way to clean your driveway ? Whether you are have a concrete, stone, brick or a tarmac  driveway, the surface is...Read more

Getting rid of old  paint

So you’re all set and ready to redecorate and freshen up your home. You’ve chosen the new shade of paint and have bought all the...Read more

Cleaning up a Concrete Spill

When you are working on a concrete project such as pouring a foundation, laying a patio or building a planter, there will be instances when...Read more

How to Clean a Dog Kennel

How to Clean a Dog Kennel Move the dog into a clean, empty run or in a separate holding area before cleaning the kennel (The...Read more

How to strip wallpaper

Most people associate wallpaper stripping with “Scrapers” and “Steamers”. However it is actually cleaner and easier to use a “Liquid Wallpaper Stripper”. These relatively new...Read more

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