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How to Remove Artex

Artex can be removed by scraping, steaming or chemical stripping. It can also be plastered over. Caution – some older artex may contain asbestos so...Read more

Upcycle with Fuze Products –  Restoring an old bedside table

Upcycle your way to a happier homeĀ  DIY of any kind can be incredibly rewarding. Whether it’s redecorating an entire room yourself or restoring an...Read more

Say Goodbye to Rusty Bird Baths with Ferprime Rust Converter

Protecting Your Feathered Friends: A step-by-step guide to using Ferprime Rust Converter on a rusty Bird Bath. If you have a bird bath in your...Read more

How to paint rusty metal

Painting Rusty Metal Surfaces Painting rusty metal can be important not only to improve the appearance but also to stop further rust from causing damage...Read more

Renovating a Cast Iron Fireplace

Introduction A well renovated cast iron fireplace can add style and elegance to any room. It is well worth the time and effort of doing...Read more

Stripping Miniatures – How to Remove Paint From Models

How to get paint off miniatures Everyone has their preferred method for stripping paint from miniatures, all come with a variety of pros and cons....Read more

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