Stripping Miniatures – Using Biostrip 20 to Remove Paint From Models

Stripping Miniatures – Using Biostrip 20 to Remove Paint From Models

How to get paint off miniatures

Everyone has their preferred method for stripping paint from miniatures, all come with a variety of pros and cons. Now we may be a little biased here but Biostrip 20 is an excellent way to get that old paint shifted without relying on harsh chemicals.

Water-based, non-toxic and easy to use Biostrip 20 is quickly becoming the go to product for stripping miniatures.

There are a couple of different ways to strip miniatures depending on your patience level.

One method is to pop the desired miniature into a container containing Biostrip 20 and leaving it to soak until the paint comes off freely under running water. This may be the preferred method if you’ve got entire armies to strip and don’t want to spend time scrubbing individual models.

However, if patience is not your forte do not fear. Simply place the model in a pot of Biostrip 20 ensuring good coverage then begin scrubbing with a toothbrush. With a good scrub the paint should immediately start to lift.

Our recommended method is a healthy mix of the first two. Place your miniature in a container of Biostrip 20 ensuring full coverage and simply leave it a while. Maybe make a brew or grab a bite to eat. Scrubbing required should be fairly minimal after around 30-60 minutes. If any paint remains it can simply be placed back in the Biostrip for a little longer.

FUZE hot tips for stripping miniatures:

  • Biostrip 20 can be reused so don’t think you need fresh product every time you want to strip a model.
  • Use a toothbrush to ensure the Biostrip 20 gets into all the hard to reach places.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Ensure a plug is in the sink when you rinse the model. We don’t want you losing parts down the plug hole! 
  • Strip times can vary massively depending on paint type and thickness so you may need to vary your stripping method.

Biostrip 20 – Paint Stripper

Stripping Miniatures – Using Biostrip 20 to Remove Paint From Models

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