Masonry Paint Stripper – Biostrip Plus

Biostrip Plus Masonry Paint Stripper is a high-quality, heavy-duty water-based paint and varnish remover that delivers professional results quickly and easily.

Designed to give maximum stripping performance on paints in an outdoor setting. Easy to use and safer than traditional solvent-based strippers.

  • Water-based masonry paint stripper
  • Safer to  use compared to traditional strippers: kinder to the environment and users
  • Powerful fast-acting formula
  • Designed for use on masonry & brickwork but suitable for most substrates
  • Removes even ageing multi-layered tough emulsion, gloss, primer etc
  • Easy to rinse off avoiding damage to delicate substrates
  • Gel consistency, adheres easily, ideal for application to walls
  • Suitable for use both inside and outside
  • Economic: 1 L will treat approximately 5 m2

Buy direct from the UK manufacture for excellent service and value.

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Biostrip Plus Masonry Paint Stripper is a high quality, heavy duty water based paint and varnish remover that delivers professional results quickly and easily.

Building upon the success of our Biostrip 20 – Biostrip Plus has been developed for use on masonry and brickwork. It is easy to rinse off after use and  does not require the use of  abrasives which can be damaging to delicate substrates.

Our Masonry Paint Stripper is fast acting, with blistering or softening of the paint visible very quickly.

The thickened formulation will adhere to any surface, reducing drips to a minimum and avoiding waste.

Economical in use – 1 Litre will treat approximately 5 square metres

How to use Biostrip Plus Masonry Paint Remover:

  1. Ensure the surface being stripped is clean and oil-free
  2. Brush a thick coat of Biostrip Plus onto the surface
  3. Leave in place until the paint has completely blistered or softened (time taken will vary depending upon paint type, number of layers and ambient temperature)
  4. Remove paint with a damp sponge or cloth. If the substrate is not delicate a scraper can be used. Where appropriate a power washer is also effective
  5. If any paint remains the process can be repeated   (this may be necessary for intricate areas or where there are  layers of different paint types)
  6. Wash the area down with fresh soapy water and allow to dry

Tip: For maximum effect cover the area coated in  Biostrip Plus with polythene or cling film. This helps to prevent the Biostrip Plus from drying out and encourages a faster strip time.

Note – Biostrip Plus is suitable for use on some plastic and rubber, but we would recommend testing a small area first.

Biostrip Plus Paint Remover is coloured green so it is easy to see which areas have been treated.


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