Using Masonry Paint Stripper

Masonry Paint is generally found outdoors

It is usually applied on top of an existing paint layer. With time this over painting can result in peeling and flaking. Follow the steps below to effectively strip masonry paint off your wall.

First and Foremost – Health and Safety

Paint Stripping can be a messy task, and even though Biostrip is not in itself a particularly hazardous product it does contain chemicals and should be treated with respect. Wear gloves and eye protection whilst using the product, and wash product off hands etc immediately after use. Biostrip Plus is not toxic to pets, but keep it out of things like garden ponds.

 Step 1

Remove Flaking Paint

Remove any flaking paint using a putty knife or scraper. Many people use sandblasting and wire brushes; while these methods provide a quick fix, they can damage the top layer of your masonry wall, leaving the bricks porous.

Step 2

Remove Fungus and Algae

You can get rid of fungus and algae by applying a cleaner to the affected surfaces. This should be applied at least 24 hours before the next stage of the process, and always on a fine day.

Step 3

Apply the Chemical Stripper

Apply the Biostrip Plus using an old brush. You can mark out areas and do the stripping in small stages if you prefer. Once you have applied the product, leave it in situ until the paint starts to soften, this shows that the Biostrip is beginning to work and can take around an hour, particularly on a cold day.

Step 4

Leave the Biostrip Plus in place until the paint has completely softened and can be rubbed or scraped from the substrate with minimal effort.

Step 5

Use a pressure hose to wash away the mix from the wall. Some intricate areas, or areas where the paint was exceptionally thick, may require a further application.

Step 6

Power wash the stripped area thoroughly with fresh water and allow to completely dry out

Category: OutdoorsTime Required: 2 - 6 hoursProducts Required: Masonry Paint Stripper – Biostrip PlusEquipment Needed: Gloves, Eye protection, Putty knife or scraper, Old brush, Hose or power washer.

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