Getting rid of old paint

So you’re all set and ready to redecorate and freshen up your home. You’ve chosen the new shade of paint and have bought all the matching furnishings to go with it. But have you got everything ready to prepare the base for your new paint?

Being prepared is essential to keeping down your levels of stress throughout the task and to be ready for everything to run smoothly. Having all the equipment you need will make your life much easier and save you time in the long run.

Checklist at the ready, here’s everything you need for your paint stripping job.

  • Protective clothing. When carrying out a DIY task always wear something you don’t mind getting dirty or marked. Half the fun of DIY is getting right in there with the elbow grease so relieve the pressure and wear clothing which keeps you covered. Also get yourself a pair of gloves. Not all products are skin friendly so protect yourself properly from head to toe.

  • Paint stripper. A really obvious item you need but make sure it is the right product for you. Before purchasing the paint stripper double check that it can be used on the surface you need it for. Pick up a water based solution like Biostrip Plus which can be used on any surface to get the best value for money.

  • The right tools. So the product is on the surface, now you need to remove it. Have a paint scraper, sponge or some steel wool at the ready. Once the paint stripper has worked its magic you can start peeling away the paint ready for your new colour.

  • Post-stripping equipment. By having everything ready for when all the paint has been removed you will save yourself a lot of time. Have a stash of bin bags ready to tip in all the removed paint, tidying as you go makes it quicker at the end. It’s also a good idea to have cleaning cloths and product ready to wipe over your freshly stripped surface.

Once you have everything on the list you will be ready to go. Having everything prepped beforehand means that not only do you have to stop halfway through because you forgot something, but you also get your complimentary end of job cup of tea faster.

For all of your paint stripping tasks try┬áBiostrip 20 – available from our webstore

Getting rid of old  paint

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