Biostrip 20 – Paint Stripper

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Ideal for removing paint from most substrates including wood, metal, glass, plastic, uPVC and stone. Will strip all types of varnish and solvent or water-based paint including tough multiple layers of old gloss paint and all types of acrylic paints. Fast action concentrated formula designed to get the job done.

  • Biostrip 20 is proven to give fast effective removal of paint and varnish
  • Water based paint stripper, less volatile, no fumes
  • Ideal for trade and home use
  • Proven very effective for cleaning and restoring model characters such as Warhammer or other miniatures
  • Safer – non-toxic, non-flammable, non-caustic
  • Thickened solution – suitable for vertical surfaces
  • Easy to use 
  • Economical – 500ml will strip 2 to 3 metres squared of paint
  • Available direct from the UK based manufacturer for great value
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BIOSTRIP 20 Water based paint stripper


BIOSTRIP 20™ is a revolutionary paint remover that is safer for both the user and the environment. It is suitable for use in the home by the DIY enthusiast and also for large industrial applications as an alternative to Methylene Chloride based products.

Benefits of Biostrip 20 Include:

  • Water-based – no losses due to evaporation
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-Toxic – safer for the user and the environment than traditional methylene chloride based products
  • Non Caustic – Does not darken wood, and does not cause burns
  • Economical – Thixotropic (thickened) solution clings to vertical surfaces, causing no drips, no runs, no waste.
  • Does not give off hazardous or noxious fumes – ventilation not required. Suitable for use indoors or in confined spaces

How to use Biostrip 20 Paint Remover:

  1. Brush Biostrip 20 on to the paint that needs to be removed and leave until the paint completely blisters or softens. This process normally starts after  20 to 30 minutes depending on paint type, paint thickness and ambient temperature.
  2. Once the paint has completely softened or blistered it can be scraped or wiped off.
  3. Apply as necessary until all paint layers are removed.
  4. Wash the area thoroughly with clean soapy water. Ensure the area is completely clean and dry before repainting

Coatings removed include:  Water-based coatings, Varnishes, Primers (including aerospace), Primers containing chrome, Oil-based paints and Emulsion.

Suitable substrates include:  All wood types, stone, brick, marble, concrete, miniatures, plastered surfaces and many plastics.

Tip: For maximum effect cover the area coated in  Biostrip 20 with polythene or cling film. This helps to prevent the Biostrip 20 from drying out and encourages a faster strip time.

Note: Biostrip 20 is not suitable for removing paint from alloy wheels. Please click here for further information on our Wheel Stripper or contact us for advice.

We recommend treating a small test area before starting any project.


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