Wax Corrosion Inhibitors

Wax Corrosion Inhibitors and Protective Coatings

Many manufactured metal parts may have bare metal surfaces which require protection until they are used. They may be metal parts which need some form of protection during shipping or storage. They may require some form of protection from corrosion whilst in use. Examples are car parts or steel sections which require protection for a few days due to delays in the manufacture and supply schedule.
In some cases, the parts may need to be protected after machining.
corrosion inhibitors
A Temporary Corrosion Protection Product is a material that can be removed from the metal surface after treatment. It is not designed to be permanent, or difficult to remove. The material may need to provide protection when exposed to a variety of differing corrosive atmospheres.
During its protective period, it needs to give adequate freedom from corrosion to bare metal surfaces. This protective period may be required for assembly, storage or distribution.

The uses and applications for Temporary Protectives include the following:

  • Steel and coated steel strip
  • Steel profiles, sections and tubes
  • Aluminium or other alloy strip and sections
  • Machined parts and components
  • Tools and machine tools in manufacture or storage
  • Fasteners such as screws, rivets, bolts, etc
  • Machinery parts, either finished or for later assembly
  • Automotive components and sub-components
  • Electrical parts and assemblies
  • Agricultural parts and machinery
The wax-like protectives tend to be specified where users need a soft but heavy film. They are particularly used for protection of wire ropes, cables, and chains, where flexing will not result in breakage of the protective film.
Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors:
Usually abbreviated to VCI
Whilst mainly used for protecting steel surfaces, products are now available for protecting other metals, and for multi-metal situations. VCI products work by releasing a vapour with powerful anti-corrosion properties.
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