Anti Rust Wax – Ferprime Wax

Ferprime Wax is an anti rust wax product designed for long term professional grade corrosion protection. Self-healing in most situations a wide range of metals can be treated with Ferprime Wax.

  • Easy to apply by brush or spray
  • Dries to a clear to straw colour even waxy coating
  • Does not harden or crack
  • Effective over a wide temperature range: from sub zero to over 180oC
  • Protection against water induced corrosion
  • Corrosion protection from moisture, salt spray, acid and industrial chemicals
  • Suitable for use on any metal surface including steel, iron, aluminium etc
  • Offers underbody protection for vehicles
  • Suitable for use underwater including sea water
  • Self-healing

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FerPrime Wax – Wax Based Corrosion Inhibitor

FerPrime Anti Rust Wax is a long lasting wax based product that prevents rust and corrosion. Providing protection to a range of metals. It dries to a clear to straw colour even waxy coating that does not harden or crack. Self healing in most situations to aid lasting corrosion protection. In addition FerPrime wax is acid resistant and can even be used underwater.

FerPrime Anti Rust Wax will not lose resilience in sub zero temperatures and should withstand temperatures exceeding 180 degrees centigrade.

Application by brush, spray or dip allows for easy penetration between close fitting and hard to reach components, including engine parts, toolbox contents and electrical components.

Anti Corrosion waxes are commonly used across a broad sector of industry, including:

  • Short and long term storage of motors, engines, machined parts, tools and various equipment.
  • Added protection to underbody of vehicles.
  • Steel and concrete forms and pre-forms.
  • Pipe and steel pipe protection as well as underwater cables and pumps.

How to protect against Corrosion

Clean all surfaces to be treated so they are free from grit, grease, dirt and grime, this ensures a good bond.

Apply a light even coating either via spray or brush/roller.

FerPrime Wax should dry within 4-12 hours

In cold conditions FerPrime Wax may become thicker and harder to apply. We recommend storing Ferprime Wax  at a minimum of 15 degrees centigrade for at least 24 hours prior to application.

FerPrime wax can be applied at a range of thicknesses. A minimum of 50 microns is advisable.

FerPrime Wax can be removed using our Eco Cleaner

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