Selecting the right product for dealing with rust

Why do parts rust?

Rust is the result of an electrochemical reaction between iron, oxygen and water. The more water is around, the faster rust will form. Water can come in many forms such as rain or just high humidity. This means rust will form quicker in wetter environments.

Luckily we have come up with a solution to help you. We have developed a range of products that span from rust conversion to prevention. Whether it’s an old rusty gate you want to restore to its former glory or a new metal substrate that will be left outside we have a product suitable for the job.

FerPrime C

  • High-performance anti-corrosion primer suitable for all types of metal surfaces

  • The product does not contain harmful solvents so is safe to use

  • Suitable for use on clean, non-corroded surfaces

  • Reactive primer – If the coating is breached the surface underneath is still protected

  • Does not contain Zinc

  • Safe for the environment

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  • Temporary anti-corrosion coating

  • Will keep metal parts corrosion free for up to a year

  • Forms a transparent wax-like film on applied surfaces

  • Easy to remove using Natech WPR followed by a water rinse

  • Non-Toxic and Biodegradable

  • Effective on metal, plastic and painted surfaces

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FerPrime Wax

  • Long-term anti-corrosion coating

  • Added vapour phase inhibitors penetrate difficult to reach areas

  • Corrosion protection from moisture, salt spray, acid and industrial chemicals

  • Suitable for use on all metal surfaces

  • Provides a long-lasting protective coating that does not harden or crack

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FerPrime Black

  • Rust converter

  • Suitable for use on rusty surfaces

  • Protects the metal underneath to prevent further corrosion

  • Converts rust into a black surface

  • Reactive primer

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FerPrime Grey

  • Fast acting anti-rust primer

  • Effective for repairing galvanised surfaces

  • Converts rust to a silver/grey coat

  • Provides protection to the underlying surface, therefore, can prevent further corrosion

  • Designed to repair and remediate surfaces that have been previously galvanised

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Selecting the right product for dealing with rust

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