How to use a rust converter

How to use a rust converter

Converting rust is an easy and safe alternative to removing rust from an infected surface. Created with the combination of a metal surface and oxygen in the air, rust takes on the copper colour which many people deign as one of the household pests. The conversion of rust is an easy task and can be achieved with a water based rust converter in a short space of time. Here’s some steps to take to get the best results when working with a rust converter.

Choose a warm day. As the solution is water based the drying time for the rust converter can vary depending on several factors including the temperature in the room and any humidity in the air. Although generally the drying time is around 20 minutes at room temperature this time could be reflective dependent on the weather. Opting to carry out the task on a warm day will reduce the drying time for the rust converter.

Preparing the surface. Before applying your rust converter on to the designated surface it is advisable to clean up the surface first. Using a stiff bristled brush or sandpaper scrape away any large pieces of rust to create a smoother surface. This will enable the converter to stick to a more stable surface and create a more streamlined effect on your surface once it has completed its work.

Applying the solution. Application of a rust converter is straight forward by using a brush, like applying paint to a wall. The solution is non toxic so it can be used on practically any surface which has been affected by rust. Which also includes vehicles and gardening equipment. For larger surfaces a roller could be used for greater coverage. When using the solution it does not need to be thinned as it should be used as you receive it.

Aftercare. Although the rust is converted and cannot react with the oxygen in the air the rest of the surface is not immune to the effects and possibilities of rust. Though it is not compulsory, it’s a good idea to use 2 coats of oil based or epoxy paint to cover the surface and prevent any further rust from developing on the surface. You can use an oil based primer to complete the look but it is not required over the converted rust.

How to use a rust converter

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