Decking Paint vs Stain

Decking Paint or Stain – Which is best?

With Spring now on the way many people will be looking to get their gardens ready for those all-important summer BBQs.

Since Covid, the desire for an outdoor living space has increased and with it a rise in the number of decked areas found in gardens. A good decking can provide an extended living area for the whole family.

Unfortunately, like everything, outside decking can be worn down by the elements especially the cold and wet which is why it is great to rejuvenate your decking as soon as the warmer weather hits. The internet is full of great advice on how to do this however, with all the different options it can seem like a daunting task. The biggest question is whether to go for Deck Paint or Stain.

What is Decking Paint?

It might sound self-explanatory. Obviously, deck paint is paint for your decked area. The beauty of paint over stain is that it can be found in pretty much any colour and therefore can be tailored to match the exterior of a house. Decking treated with paint tends to be easier to maintain than stain as it is applied in a thicker coat and has a typical life expectancy of around 5 years. The thicker coat also helps to hide any underlying flaws that may be found in the wood. For those that don’t like the classic wooden look for their decking, deck paint is a more suitable option complimenting a more modern look for outdoor living spaces.

What is Decking Stain?

Unlike paint, which sits on the surface of the wooden decking, deck stain penetrates deep into the surface to help protect and preserve the wood’s natural look. Using a decking stain rather than paint will allow the wood grain and texture to show through which is what gives it the classic wooden look. The great thing about deck stain is that it is typically easier to apply than paint, although it doesn’t last as long, repeat applications are fairly simple. 

Which is better?

There is no right or wrong answer here as everyone’s preference is different. The best solution is the one that works best for you. Both forms are readily available, Fuze offers a variety of Deck Paints which can be purchased directly from our online shop here.

For more top tips on decking rejuvenation click here.

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