Renovating and Painting Decking

Tips for Painting Decking

From small patios and verandas to the more lavish pool and bar areas, decking continues to be a big part of the 21st century garden. Renovating and painting decking and other tired wooden structures can give your garden a modern look while helping to maintain and protect the underlying wood for years to come.

Wooden Decking continues to remain popular around the world. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has renewed a focus on our living spaces, inside and out. With increased time at home, our demand for comfortable outdoor spacing has also increased.

Given that most decking lasts around 15 years, it is safe to assume there is plenty of tired-looking decking out there in dire need of a touch-up! Alternatively, reality shows like ITV’s Love Island may be to blame for the increased popularity of grandiose decked gardens.

Decking can restore a tired-looking garden into a sophisticated and modern outdoor space with relative ease.  Once installed, decking is also relatively easy to maintain. However, as with everything exposed to the elements, some upkeep is required. This upkeep ensures a long lifetime and the continuation of the decking’s desirable practical and cosmetic qualities.

Here are some handy tips for Renovating and Painting Decking…

Revitalise your Decking

FUZE products are happy to announce a range of outdoor paints designed for use on wooden structures like Decking. Traditional decking oils and stains are all about retaining the natural appearance of the wood grain. FUZE products decking paints are designed to give a modern, alternative look with a striking, opaque finish (available in a range of pleasant modern colours). These paints present an opportunity to spruce up old decking that has laid dormant for years, giving it new life to suit the modern garden.

View the range here

A Slippery Slope

Prevention is key. It is best to keep decking tidy all year round, even when it’s not seeing use in the Winter months. This prevents the build-up of organic matter on the surface, particularly in the grooves.  Debris easily builds up on decking, causing that characteristic Bambi on ice feeling old, neglected decking has when walked on. Regular treatment with FUZE’s Decking Cleaner will ensure people can walk on the deckings with confidence.

Moulds, Mildew and Algae

Wood gets wet. Plant and fungal growth, showing up in the form of moulds, mildew and algae thrive in the wet. The first and most common signs of this growth come as black and green moulds on Decking. FUZE’s Decking Cleaner has been designed to attack such growths and to help restore the wood to its original state.

Stain pains

Decking is a large surface area making it the perfect palette for unwanted staining. The occurrence of stains is unavoidable over time, whether it be through accidental exposure or general wear and tear.  Often, these stains can be deep and seem irreversible. However, Oxalic Acid has proved a miracle worker for treating stains and returning the wood to a natural finish. FUZE sell a 5 % solution of Oxalic Acid for this purpose. Applying a small amount of this solution post-cleaning with FUZE’s Decking Cleaner is the best way to assure any tired old Decking is restored to former glory.

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