Oxalic Acid Solution

Oxalic Acid Solution ideal for cleaning wood such as decking or removing rust stains.

To compliment our garden range of products, we now supply Oxalic Acid Solution. Sold as a 5% solution, this product is excellent at removing dark stains from wood.

Oxalic Acid offers the following benefits:

  • Remove stains from GRP and wood 
  • Refresh the colour of wood
  • Bleaches/ restores wood
  • Removes ink stains
  • Whitens wood
  • remove rust marks



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Oxalic Acid Solution ideal for cleaning wood such as decking or removing rust stains.

Oxalic Acid Solutions are used for a number of different purposes

  • remove stains and water marks from wood 
  • refresh the colour of wood (it is particularly good on oak)
  • bleach wood
  • remove ink stains
  • remove rust stains from metal and concrete

Dark Spots, tannin stains and  discolouration of the wood are often caused by moisture. This discolouration can be removed with oxalic acid.

Oxalic Acid will also freshen up the colour of the wood if it has become dull due to exposure to the sun.

Instructions for using Oxalic Acid

Apply the solution directly onto the timber with a brush. Leave in place for 1 to 2 hours. Further applications may be necessary to remove stubborn staining. Once removed, clean the timber thoroughly with fresh water and allow to dry

Safety Precautions

(SDS available upon request)

Oxalic acid solution is an eye irritant, it should be handled with care. Always wear latex gloves and safety glasses when handling.

  • Eye Irritant (Category 2), H319

Causes eye irritation. Keep out of reach of children

Always read label before use.


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