How to use FUZE multi purpose floor cleaner

How to use FUZE multi purpose floor cleaner

Avoid polluting your home with harsh chemicals with the latest of our environmentally conscious products.

FUZE Multi Purpose Floor Cleaner has been designed specifically for use on all hard floorings including wood, tiles, laminate, lino etc

Product Benefits Include:

  • Removes dirt, grease and grime.

  • Odour free, solvent free, VOC free.

  • Non Flammable, non caustic.

  • pH neutral

  • Economical – add 2 capfuls of cleaner to every 5 litres of water. 

  • Specially formulated for laminate flooring – safe to use on all laminate, vinyl and lino surfaces.

Usage Instructions:

  • Incredibly simple to use – just add 2 capfuls of product to every 5 litres of water that you use.
  • Apply using a mop.
  • This diverse product can be used on laminate, vinyl and lino floor

What You Will Need:

The Cleaning Process:

  1. Begin by sweeping the floor with the dustpan and brush, being sure to sweep up dirt from corners and under appliances.

  2. In a bucket, make up a solution of Floor Cleaner in fresh warm water

  3. Using the mop or soft cloth, scrub the floor gently using the solution in the bucket. Stubborn spots may require an extra scrub

  4. Use paper towels to clean up excess moisture. Allow the floor to dry completely.

  5. Make sure the floor is dry before resuming use.
How to use FUZE multi purpose floor cleaner

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