How to clean a floor

Simple to use our professional all purpose floor cleaner concentrate gives out standing cleaning, great value and is kind to you and your environment. Here is our guide on how to clean a floor.

How to clean a floor with FUZE multi purpose floor cleaner

To ensure best results without damage to your floor and minimum impact on the environment select a floor cleaner that is designed for the job. FUZE Multi Purpose Floor Cleaner has been designed specifically for use on all hard floorings including wood, tiles, laminate, lino etc.

Prepare the floor for cleaning

The first step of cleaning a floor is to remove all the loose dirt and dust by sweeping. Using an indoor soft sweeping brush work your way across the floor gathering the dirt from corners, edges and under appliances as you go. A quick daily bush is advisable to avoid grit accumulating and scratching the surface of the floor. A thorough sweeping  is advisable before mopping. Use a hand brush and dustpan to lift the dirt and dispose of it in the bin.

Dilute the Floor Cleaner

Add 2 capfuls of product to every 5 litres (1 gallon) of water that you use. A typical household bucket will hold 10-12 litres when very full. Just under half a bucket is about 5 litres and will be more than sufficient to clean an average sized floor. If you are using a square mop bucket then 5 litres is typically about 8-10 cm depth of water. Use warm fresh water. Warm water will help to loosed the dirt and will help your floor dry quicker.

FUZE multi purpose floor cleaner is a concentrated product and should not be used without diluting.

Cleaning The Floor

Clean the floor by applying the warm diluted cleaner with a mop or a soft cloth. Stubborn stains may require additional rubbing or even scrubbing. It is not generally advisable to use anything abrasive such as cream cleaner or wire wool as it may scratch the surface of the floor. Be cautions not to over wet laminate flooring that is not water resistant or waterproof.

Once any mud or stains are removed and loosened and the floor is looking cleaner it is time to remove the dirty water and dry the floor. To do this wring out the mop or cloth and wipe up the excess cleaning solution from the floor. With good ventilation the floor should naturally dry in 10 minutes. Try to exclude foot traffic from the floor while it is drying. You can dry mop the floor to speed up the drying process. Dry mopping can also help to restore shine to high gloss flooring

How to clean a floor –  summary

  1. Sweeping the floor and remove any loose dirt with the dustpan and brush, being sure to sweep up dirt from corners and under appliances.

  2. In a bucket, make up a solution of Floor Cleaner in fresh warm water using 2 capfuls in 5L ~ half a bucket full.

  3. Using the mop or soft cloth, scrub the floor gently using the solution in the bucket. Stubborn spots may require an extra scrub

  4. Wring out the mop or cloth to clean up excess moisture. Allow the floor to dry completely.

  5. Make sure the floor is dry before resuming use.

Benefits of FUZE multi purpose floor cleaner

  • Removes dirt, grease and grime.
  • Odour free, solvent free, VOC free.
  • Non Flammable, non caustic.
  • pH neutral
  • Economical – add 2 capfuls of cleaner to every 5 litres of water. 
  • Specially formulated for laminate flooring – safe to use on all laminate, vinyl and lino surfaces.

Extra tips when cleaning a floor

  • A quick wipe round any surfaces before brushing will ensure that any crumbs or dirt is dislodged onto the floor to be gathered and removed by brushing.
  • A quick daily brush will remove grit that can scratch and damage the surface of your floor.
  • Felt pads on chairs or furniture that regularly moves are fantastic to help them glide over the floor and minimise scratching to the surface of the floor.
  • Wringing out the mop well before a final wipe over the floor will ensure that the excess dirty water is removed and the floor dries quickly.
Category: HouseholdTime Required: 0.5 -1 hourProducts Required: Multi purpose floor cleanerEquipment Needed: Soft indoor floor brush, Hand brush, Dustpan, Mop, Bucket, Soft cloth, Paper towels (optional)

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