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All Fuze products are designed by ourselves here in our ISO9001 accredited factory in the UK with you and your personal safety in mind. Being safe to use is great but we ensure it does not come at the cost of functionality and performance.

The most common ingredients in any cleaning chemicals which cause allergic reactions are fragrances and preservatives.

Let’s face it, neither fragrances nor preservatives contribute to product performance. So why are they so widely used? Fragrances are used to differentiate a product from its competitors by smelling nice but:

They put your health at risk with no contribution to actual product performance

Preservatives are used to stop the growth of mould and bacteria in the product. The most common are parabens and thiazolenes, but:

Studies have shown parabens to have possible links to cancer.  There is a large amount of evidence linking thiazolenes to skin irritation and reactions.

Do not be misled by the description of products as ‘hypoallergenic’ or ‘natural’, as these can contain a variety of common allergens. Some of the most powerful and destructive allergens are “natural” and occur widely in nature. It is important when purchasing products for the home to check the ingredients list.

Fuze leads the way in user safety and performance.

Fuze products do not contain parabens or thiazolines

All Fuze products differentiate themselves from their competitors by just doing the job, plain and simple. They do not need to artificially smell nice to appear better than their competitors. They are designed to be “self-preserving” and do not need the help of some awful artificial preservative. You are not paying for ingredients that make no contribution to product performance and even worse put your health at risk. Our products are all safe to use.

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