Clearing ice and snow

Clearing paths of ice and snow is a very physical task. It is much easier to clear fresh snow, so make a start if you can before it gets squashed down

Do not use hot water. This will melt the snow, but may well replace it with black ice, increasing the risk of injury.

Choose suitable clothing for the task, for example, footwear that provides a good grip. We don’t want you slipping on the ice!
If shovelling snow, think about where you’re going to put it. There’s no point clearing it from your doorstep only to pile it high on your driveway.

Make sure it will not cause problems when it melts. Piling snow over gullies or drains may stop melting snow from draining away and cause it to refreeze.

Clear a small path down the middle of the area to be cleared first, so that you have a safe surface to walk on. You can then shovel from the centre to the sides.

Spread a de-icing product such as Fuze IceGo on the area you have cleared to prevent ice from forming. Don’t use too much. It will take a little while to work.

If there is no de-icer available, then a little sand or ash can be used – it will not have the same de-icing properties but should offer more grip underfoot.

Use the sun to your advantage when removing ice and snow.

Removing the top layer of snow will allow the sun to melt any ice beneath, but you will need to cover any ice with de-icer to prevent refreezing overnight.

Some de-icers, such as salt, can be washed away by further snowfalls or rain and then refreeze, leaving black ice. If this happens, more salt should be used soon after the rain has stopped and before temperatures reach freezing. Particular care and attention should be given to steps and steep slopes

Try to sweep up any excess grit, sand or other substances used to prevent these from blocking drains.



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