IceGo Salt Free De-Icer Pellets – for safer de icing

Designed for use in sub-zero temperatures Fuze IceGo pellets are 100% salt-free making them the perfect product for use on any outdoor surface. As an easy to use pellet Fuze IceGo can be spread before or after a freeze.

  • Fast acting and long lasting salt free de-icer pellets
  • 100% active, does not contain filler
  • Works in temperatures as low as -15C
  • Completely salt free
  • Non corrosive, safe to use
  • Mess free, does not “walk” indoors
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Safe to use, salt-free De-Icer Pellets – Suitable for use on all substrates including paths, driveways, car parks etc.

Protect yourself, your surroundings and your environment with IceGo.

 Ice-Go is a highly effective De-Icer –  It rapidly melts ice and snow at temperatures as low as -11c. It is 100% salt-free and completely safe to use

Prevents refreezing for up to 48 hours.

An easy to use granular product,  simple to spread and mess free. IceGo Pellets are 100% active delivering fast and effective results.

While many de-icer mixes claim to be salt-free they, in fact, rely upon a salt alternative which carries the same risks and harmful effects as salt.

IceGo Pellets contain no corrosive or toxic chemicals and are safe to use around children, pets and plants.  A free-flowing pellet based product that can be distributed in any shaker, seed spreader and even by hand.

 Directions for use:

 When Ice or Snow is expected:

1. Spread Ice Go Pellets evenly onto a dry surface before any rain or snow begins to fall.

For use after snow or ice

1. Spread  IceGo Salt Free De-Icer Pellets evenly across the compacted snow and ice.

2. IceGo will begin melting the snow and ice upon contact continuing to melt for up to 3 hours.

3. Any Ice Go residue will continue to protect the surface from further ice or snow build-up for up to 48 hours.

Suitable on all pathways, steps, driveways, car parks, airport runways, all weather pitches.

The pellets can be applied with a garden fertilizer spreader, or manually scattered over the icy surface. They deice at much lower temperatures than salt and are particularly good in sub-zero conditions


Thin Ice (less than 2mm):-   1kg per 100m2 depending on application method and conditions.
Thicker Ice (more than 2mm):-  1Kg per 50m2 depending on application method and conditions.

  • Read more about de-icing  Here

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