Lawn Care Top Tips

We all know that weather plays a huge part in the appearance of our lawn. With last year’s damp summer, followed by a mild, wet winter most of our lawns will contain a reasonable amount of moss.

Hopefully after last year’s El Niño we will have a drier summer this year.

Here are some simple tips that will help you keep the best looking lawn on your street this year.

One of the first things that you can do to improve its appearance is to help it thrive and return to a healthy and green state. You definitely don’t want to skip any fertilizer applications this spring or early this summer, your turf will need it.

Fertilizer is very important in setting up the lawn to withstand the stress of summer. Fertilizer gives key nutrients it needs to remain healthy under the stress of the sun.

How important is watering?

Watering the lawn is necessary if we’re lucky enough to have a hot and dry summer. Most grass types can withstand some form of drought. However it is essential to give the lawn some water throughout the summer months.

In addition the process of watering must be carried out correctly. The biggest mistake most home owners make is irrigating too much. Light, regular watering should be avoided as it can lead to shallow rooting and disease development. Shallow rooting creates a weaker plant that as a result is more prone to various lawn diseases. Also, it is important to allow your lawn to dry out from time to time.

When it comes to watering your lawn and helping it look its best, water only when the lawn needs it. Watering deeply in the morning, when your lawn requires it most, will give your turf the opportunity to dry out and therefore prevent lawn diseases in the process.

Mowing promotes a healthy turf, but set the mower blades to high. The longer the grass the deeper the roots and the healthier it will be. This deeper root system will be better equipped to find its own water supply in times of drought.


Lawn Care Top Tips

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