Using Paint On Damp Seals

Damp can occur for many reasons. Most simply, damp and mould are caused by excess moisture and can cause serious discolouration on walls and other surfaces.

Damp interior wall surfaces can be protected using a specially formulated Damp proof paint seal. This type of paint can also be used as a primer underneath other decorative paints such as gloss

Note – damp proofing should NOT be used as an alternative to solving underlying damp problems. Before applying any damp proof paint the area must be treated correctly. Professional advice should be taken if there are areas of major concern.

The affected area must be clean before the damp-proof paint coating is applied, therefore any old paint and coatings must be removed. A safe to use paint stripper such as Biostrip 20 should be used for this treatment. The area must then be free from mould, fungi, lichen and any other contamination before application.

Paint should only be applied to the fully treated and dried area.

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