What causes mould around the house?

Unfortunately, there are many factors that contribute to the growth of mould and mildew around the house. Typically for these growths, a variety of factors are present. It is important that the cause of the fungal growth is understood before treatment.

If a patch of mould is treated without eliminating the cause the fungus will very quickly return in the same spot. Once the cause of the growth has been stopped you can begin to treat the affected area with an appropriate  product.


Potentially the most obvious cause of mould is excessive moisture. Everyone at some point will have seen the growth of some kind of fungus in bathrooms or maybe behind a leaking pipe.

And if even by some small miracle you have never experienced leaks, flooding or excess steam from hot showers you may still develop mould somewhere in your home. Mould thrives in warm and moist environments making bathrooms a haven.

To help prevent growth in excessively moist rooms you could:

• Install a dehumidifier

• Ensure fans are switched on or windows are open when showering

• Fix any leaks quickly


As we mentioned in the last section mould loves damp and warm environments. Despite this, there are hundreds of different types of fungus and whilst the majority love warmth there are some types that grow in cold areas.

Warmth may not always be the cause of, however, when combined with humidity an environment is created that mould simply loves. It is important to keep in mind, even during the colder seasons, that if there is a lot of damp weather spores can still appear.

Poor Ventilation

Airflow is extremely important when considering the causes of fungus. Mould is less likely to grow in well-ventilated areas because the spores are unable to settle on any one surface long enough to begin to grow.

Going back to the first section, this is why it is so important to have an extractor fan on whilst using the shower. There is less airflow in bathrooms which is why (along with the factors we have already mentioned) fungal growth is so common there. We recommend opening a window if possible to let air through in rooms that typically get a poor air flow



What causes mould around the house?

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